written, performed and produced by Tarn PK
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Fantasy - EP

The ‘Fantasy’ EP  is based in the sounds of Pop, RnB, Funk and Pop.


All tracks are written, performed, recorded and produced by Tarn, except "Fantasy" - trumpets by Ollie Carter, "Caught in the Wake" - co-written by Nick France, with sax by Nick and trumpet by Ollie Carter, "Talk To You" - co-written by Marley Wilcox-Nanai.


Artwork by Isabella Clarke.


Tarn PK is...

An emerging songwriter, musician and producer

Tarn PK wants to make tunes that will leave you humming all day long.


He aims to blend musical genres such as Pop, RnB, Funk, Hip Hop, and Electronic with production flair to create something accessible and musically interesting.


His third single “Talk To You”, released Oct 2018, was placed by Spotify on their AU and NZ, UK and US New Music Friday, New Pop Sounds and Fresh Finds playlists.


The Fantasy EP, released January 2019, is based in the sounds of RnB, Funk and Pop and is just the beginning of learning how to write, record and produce. 


Tarn moved to Wellington, NZ in February 2019 to study commercial music at university. 

New music coming in 2020......



© 2020 Tarn PK

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