written, performed and produced by Tarn PK
Cheap Ecstasy - Single

On 28 May Tarn released 'Cheap Ecstasy', the final part of the  “Monarch” EP.

Tarn says "I feel like 'Cheap Ecstasy' fits well with the rest of the songs on 'Monarch' even though it's the most pop/rnb song in the mix. At the heart of it though it’s still just me and a guitar. I wanted all the tracks off ‘Monarch’ to have a sense of calm and happiness to them and I wanted 'Cheap Ecstasy' to centre around feelings of being around a loved one."

It's written, performed, recorded and produced by Tarn.

Indigo Dreaming - Single

On 26 February Tarn released 'Indigo Dreaming', “Part three” of the upcoming “Monarch” Collection.

'Indigo Dreaming' is a mixture of indie folk and pop elements.  It was also recorded in lockdown in NZ and lyrically is about living in a time of anxiety and stress, trying to be okay with that and how being with someone you love can help alleviate those feelings.

It's written, performed, recorded and produced by Tarn, with additional production by artist/producer Neil Macleod from Wellington NZ.

Sky is Falling - Single

On 11 December Tarn released 'Sky is Falling', “Part two” of the upcoming “Monarch” Collection.


As the first song written for the project, it came from being forced to slow down the pace of life during lockdown.  It evokes rolling hills and driving with the rain coming down the window, It’s a song to heal, to support and to hopefullly offer uplift in some way to each listener.


It's written, performed, recorded and produced by Tarn.

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Serenity - Single

On 23 October Tarn released 'Serenity', the first single from his upcoming EP 'Monarch'. 'Serenity' is about the weight of the world coming off of your shoulders.  It's written, performed, recorded and produced by Tarn.

Daylight - Single

'Daylight' is about forgetting your problems for a night and giving in to your feelings.  With a backdrop of luscious chords and smooth beats, the song paints a picture of the morning after a party with the sun rising over the beach. At the core of the song is the idea of escaping your problems together.

'Daylight - Acoustic" was released on 15 May.


Both tracks were written, performed, recorded and produced by Tarn.

Fantasy - EP

The ‘Fantasy’ EP  is based in the sounds of Pop, RnB and Funk.  The single 'Talk to You' made Spotify's New Music Friday in AU/NZ, UK and the US.


All tracks are written, performed, recorded and produced by Tarn, except 'Fantasy' - trumpet by Ollie Carter, 'Caught in the Wake' - co-written by Nick France, with sax by Nick and trumpet by Ollie, 'Talk To You' - co-written by Marley Wilcox-Nanai.

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Tarn PK is...

a songwriter, musician and producer

Tarn PK aims to blend musical genres such as Pop, RnB, Funk and Electronic with production flair to create something accessible and musically interesting.


In Nov 2018 Spotify placed “Talk To You” on their AU/NZ, UK and US New Music Friday, New Pop Sounds and Fresh Finds playlists. 


The Fantasy EP, released January 2019, was based in the sounds of RnB, Funk and Pop and was just the beginning of learning how to write, record and produce. 

The single Daylight was released on 24 April 2020. It made Apple NZ's New Music Daily and A-List Pop playlists.  'Daylight - Acoustic' was released 15 May.

'Serenity' the first single from the 'Monarch' EP was released on 23 October 2020.

'Sky is Falling' the second single from the EP was released on 11 December 2020.

'Indigo Dreaming' the third single was released on 26 February 2021.

'Cheap Ecstasy' the final single from the Monarch EP was released on 28 March 2021.

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