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Tarn PK is a Wellington, New Zealand based artist, producer, and songwriter.  


Having released three EP’s - ‘Fantasy’ (2019), ‘Monarch’ (2021) and ‘SugarCoated’ (2022) - Tarn is exploring new sonic worlds and developing a distinctive style, setting him apart from the surrounding landscape. Tarn has gained over 1.6 million streams on Spotify, with ‘Cheap Ecstasy’ gaining over 770,000 streams and being picked up by U-NXT (a Universal Music subsidiary), ‘Talk To You’ also landing on global New Music Friday playlists, and he has been on various local/regional Spotify playlists.   Tarn has also appeared on regional and global Apple Music playlists. 


Having focused on stripped back songs on the ‘Monarch’ EP, Tarn developed the ‘SugarCoated’ EP by incorporating elements of hyper pop, alt pop and left of centre inflections. In 2023, Tarn has been developing his next body of work which will continue in a new direction. The first taste of this is the single ‘Papier-Mâché’ a dynamic slow burn, incorporating a new sonic palette of distorted guitars, synthesisers, and deflated drum sounds. 


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